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Director of First Impressions

My family:  

I am the oldest of three girls and very close to my two younger sisters, who live locally with their families.  My father lives in a little town just north of Reed City, my mother passed away in 2003, but I have been blessed to have my father’s companion in my life for the past 12 years.   I have been married to Ron for over 30 years and we have two children, Nicole (33) who lives in Livonia and Ronald (32) who lives in Tampa, Florida.  Ron and I downsized from our four bedroom home in Livonia into a two bedroom condo about two years ago and now live in Farmington Hills.  We are both very active with the Rotary Club of Livonia.

My hobbies:  

Camping, entertaining, cooking, genealogy, travel, reading, quilting, scrapbooking, various other crafts and home improvement projects.


My favorite family tradition:   

Ron’s mother is from Poland, she and her parents were displaced during WWII and sent to Siberian work camps.  Because Ron’s grandmother passed before I met him and his mother had no interest in cooking, I have worked to maintain the family tradition of a Christmas Vigil on Christmas Eve.  This involves the preparation of an extensive 5-7 course meal with many traditional Polish foods.  It is one of my favorite meals to plan and prepare for and I look forward to the traditional sharing of the oplatek.  Before partaking of the Christmas Eve meal, the family gathers around the table. The eldest member holds a large wafer (the oplatek)and breaks off a piece to begin the ritual. The remaining wafer is passed on to another member while a prayer for loved ones is said. This continues until everyone at the table has a piece of the wafer. Finally, the family members consume their share quietly.  It is very important to me and my children to keep this tradition alive. 

Director of Music Ministries

My family:

I come from a family of musicians.  My father, Bob, is a music director at Fairview Christian Church and has been a band director in several High Schools around Missouri and Kansas for over 40 years.  He is somewhat enjoying retirement these days (he will always have that passion to teach kids).  He was instrumental in passing that passion on to his sons.  Both my brother and myself have followed in his footsteps.  Robert is an orchestra teacher and music director at his church, University Baptist in Bloomington, IN.  Having music in my life for so many years, it would make sense for me to marry a musician as well.  Alysia and I met as part of our respective music organizations in college.  She is a singer and was very active in her sorority advocating for music.  We got married in 2011.  We have two rescue dogs named Arlo and Felix and in 2019 we welcomed the newest addition to our family unit in our daughter, Lydia.  She is my greatest joy in life!


My hobbies:

cycling and woodworking


My favorite family tradition:

Just about every year, Alysia and I travel back to Kansas City, MO to be with family for Christmas and New Year’s Day.  We love to drive through Longview Lake park with hot chocolate in hand during the annual Christmas in the Park.  It is a driving route that displays thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights in a variety of holiday scenes.  It is amazing and never gets old!

Kim Welden

Kitchen Manager

My family:  

I have three children, a son Jason, and two girls; Joanne and Jenny.  I have six grandsons.

My hobbies:  

Cooking, crochet and swimming.  I enjoy spending time with my grandsons and watching their sports activities.  I love to spend time in the sun, enjoying the sand and the beach.

My favorite family tradition:

Making pierogi and Christmas cookies and spending time with my family over the holidays.

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