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in the Church

Friendship Time 

Host and prepare snacks for fellowship following worship service on Sunday.


Memorial Garden Stewards

For many of us it is a comfort to have a place to honor the continuing relationship with our loved ones who have died before us. Our Memorial Garden holds the cremains of several loved ones.  We honor these men and women by providing beautiful grounds, maintained by dedicated volunteers.

Communion Servers

Dedicated members serve Holy Communion to worshipers on the first Sunday of each month.  They will often help with cleaning and storing communion ware after worship.


Worship Leaders

These leaders are the primary leaders of worship allowing the preacher to focus on the sermon, pastoral prayers and benediction.  These leaders prepare for worship by reading scripture, reviewing the online worship planning materials and lead with energy and enthusiasm.




Young members of the congregation start serving by lighting candles before worship and take the light of Christ to the rear of the worship space to remind us that we leave the church to serve.


Audio Visual Team

This valuable team plans and oversees the technology used in worship. This team crafts worship to flow smoothly allowing worshipers to focus on liturgy, song, spoken word and to allow the Holy Spirit to move freely during worship.



Welcome starts with the warm, heartfelt greeting at the front door of any home and this is equally true at the front door of our church home.  Greeters in this church are excited to serve each week yet we maintain a schedule of these selfless servants.


Children’s Sermon Leaders

Diversity is important to this congregation.  We seek diversity for those teaching our Children’s moment during worship.  Currently we have age and gender diversity but we are always seeking talented spiritual leaders to add to our current leaders.



This team is ready throughout the worship service to aid worshippers and worship leaders to assure that logistics around worship are handled with little distraction.


Welcome Desk Attendant

Helpful volunteers assist by helping worshippers locate coffee, restrooms and sign in technology.


Pre-Worship Food Hospitality

Invitation is the key word for this team. Most visitors will not partake of food hospitality unless invited so each volunteer was warmly invited visitors to coffee and pastries.


Parking Lot Attendants

Sometime in new circumstances, it is not clear where to park.  These dedicated volunteers assist by helping direct folks in the parking lot and walk folks to the church entrance offering the shelter of an umbrella or a steady arm when needed.


Worship Design Team

One of the most exciting team to immersion to creative energy involving worship planning.  Creative and practical volunteers alike are welcomed to this team.

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