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Chili Cook Off

Annually the church has an informal Chili Cook-off.  Children are encouraged to participate.  This event is fun for all, participants and volunteers included.  Creative organizers encouraged!

Homebound Visitation and Communion

Visit and share the communion elements with those who are unable to be in worship.

Trunk N’ Treat

After worship on the last Sunday of October, all children of the community are invited to take part in activities while church members decorate their cars and hand out treats.

Memorial Day on the Lawn Hospitality

The Annual City of Novi Memorial Parade route is on Ten Mile.  We cook hots dogs and popcorn for parade goers.  Organizers and volunteers are needed to assure the safety and excitement of this event.


Ash Wednesday Drive Thru

Three to four volunteers are needed to serve the 50-60 folks who drive thru to get ashes on Ash Wednesday.  The drive thru starts immediately after worship (7-11) and volunteers take turns in the February air.


Pierogi Making Fundraiser

Half of the joy of pierogi meals of the crafting of the pierogi.  We find ourselves abuzz in the kitchen with many hands. Come join us!

Real Life Children Ministry

Wednesday evenings bring an enormous amount of child energy to the building.  In addition, to children’s music ministries, children bible study and a light evening meal round out children’s programming.   


Crop Walk

Hungry people abound in Novi and many other communities.  Food insufficiency can be long or short term and residents of Novi and Northville combined efforts to fight hunger on a Fall weekend raising funds and food staples for those in need.


Bread Ministry

Wednesdays late evening, generously donated bread from Panera Bread is picked up for distribution to needy folks throughout the Novi community.  A set of volunteers picks up bread on Wednesday at 10 p.m., another sort and cuts up bread/parties for distribution and another group delivers to school backpack programs, Novi residents, etc.


Back Pack Ministry Elementary

Pantry staples and bread is delivered Thursdays during the school year to Orchard Hills Elementary school for 10-15 families.


Back Pack Ministry High School

Pantry staples and bread is delivered the 3rd Thursday during the school year to Novi High School for 4-6 students for weekend use.


Rotating Shelter Meals

Northville United Methodist Church  hosts a week of hospitality for Coalition of Temporary Shelter.  Our congregation supports that ministry by cooking one evening of their Hospitality Week.


Scott Center Luncheon

It is great fun and satisfaction to support of the ministry of Cass Social Services.  Quarterly on a Saturday, we organize and prepare a lunch for our brothers and sisters sheltered by Cass.  We welcome people of all ages and ability. 


Adopt A Road Novi

Ten Mile and Back is a Mile stretch of road that our congregation semi-annually cleans to be good servants in Novi.  Volunteers are always welcomed.


Community Garden

A number of people of the congregation have passion to feed those who are food insufficient with healthy, organic produce.  Each volunteer adopts a raised bed in the community garden on church property.  Watering and harvesting duties are collectively organized throughout the summer and fall.


Polish Dinner

Our Kitchen Manager is a fantastic cook and polish dinners are her mainstay.  When she makes polish food, people come from highways and byways.  “Many hands make light work” is an appropriate phrase for this fundraising event.


Beyond Belief Luncheon

This church hosts a senior citizen group throughout the year.  This delightful group spreads cheer, laughter and joy through our Novi community and they give back to the church by doing 2 fundraisers at the church.  Join us for this fun afternoon.


Hospitality Team

Whenever we have visitors to the building, it would be best to have a team responsible to review plans for hospitality rather than leaving this very important ministry to leaders and staff.  Cheerful, guest focused people have the skills to do this ministry best.


English as Second Language

The Novi community is a diverse community and many cities in and around Novi have people who desire to strengthen their English.  Conversation groups, classes and fellowship are of the few possibilities for people leading this ministry.

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