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Children’s Sunday School

Devotional time for all children of the congregation is led by trained volunteers.  Sunday School is currently held for 30 minutes during worship.


Summer Vacation Bible School

Churches with vibrant ministries for children often will have a summer ministry for children.  Leadership for this ministry is being formed.


Confirmation Class

Pre-teens are given a chance to deepen their faith through study, conversation and connection with faith leaders.  This class is usually led in the spring at NUMC.


Tween Ministry

I am not a child but I am also not a teen.  This can be a time of in between that is felt especially in the church.  A ministry for these “in-betweens” allows these older children to explore their faith in comfort and with peers.


Youth Group

Teens often want to race to adulthood and parents want them to slow down.  This can create tensions and the church can help with this time as we help teens and their families navigate deep theological and social questions that help prepare them for life challenges.


Real Life Children Ministry

One leader for this ministry and several coordinators are needed to develop and nurture the long term success of children’s ministries.


Adult Education Facilitators

There are people who can teach and there are people who can TEACH!  We have both but we need folks who can coordinate and communicate to organize small groups and communicate with these group to support the leaders/teachers.

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