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God wants us to live in community with each other.  Find a team or group that aligns with your gifts and passions.  Connect together and go out into the world to affect change!

At Novi United Methodist, we are dedicated to bringing up the next generation of Christian believers.  We provide many different opportunities for our children to not only participate, but become active leaders within the church.

Small Groups

Do you have a desire to grow in your faith with a community of followers who are doing the same?  At Novi United Methodist Church, there are a multitude of opportunities to join or lead a small group.

Ministry Teams

There are ample opportunities to serve your local community and church.  From singing in the choir, designing worship, or feeding hungry children.  Help us put your spiritual gifts to good use for the Kingdom! 

Do you sing?  Do you play an instrument?  Do you wish to praise God through song?  If the answers to these questions are yes, then we have several groups you may be interested in.

Care Groups

Are you in need of a community that will pray and help you through your most difficult times in life?  Care groups range from weekly AA meetings to prayer groups.  Find the support you need through Christ and His church.

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